Storing electricity still presents a major challenge to the energy industry. Innovative storage technologies that store energy over a longer period of time and can quickly transform it into electricity when required are in greater demand than ever before.

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voltWALL May 2, 2022
Product & Solutions

voltWALL 30kWh Pilot Installation

30kWh Pilot deployment at Stabio Ticino, connected to a Sofar Inverter. We utilise 26 1.2kWh xBlade modules to achieve 30kWh+. xBlades contain Lithium Iron Phosphate chmistry that trebles life time and lowers fire risk.

PFIFFNER International AG April 29, 2022

Energy storage systems from PFIFFNEr

100% energy transition - a vision that connects. PFFIFNER offers energy storage systems in the Swiss market in cooperation with Fenecon. The first reference project is a solar energy storage system for an e-bus station at the train station in Brugg, Switzerland.

Green-Y Energy AG April 19, 2022

Green-Y: Energy Future for Buildings

Green-Y revolutionizes the energy sector: Electricity storage, heating and cooling in one decentral device makes the integration of renewable energy on a large scale possible.

Green-Y Energy AG April 19, 2022
Product & Solutions

Green-Y: Pilotproject at SIPBB

Green-Y realizes a pilot project in cooperation with the Swiss Battery Technology Center and the Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne in their newly constructed office building.

Eaton Industries II GmbH April 14, 2022
Product & Solutions

Energy efficiency through storage

Reducing the impact of CO₂ on our planet is dependent on all of us using a much higher proportion of renewable energy. But how to use clean energy when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing? Energy storage systems from Eaton help you do that.

bbv Software Services AG April 1, 2022
Know-How / Tutorial

Decision-making aid IoT cloud platforms

The market for IoT cloud platforms is complex and confusing. 300 to 500 different providers is the figure quoted depending on the source. However, to still make a sound decision, it helps to list and evaluate your project’s specific requirements.

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