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Meteotest AG May 10, 2022
Know-How / Tutorial

Storm Analysis Mast Fall Albulapass

On October 29, 2018, the Vaia storm caused damage to the 380 kV Pradella - Sils im Domleschg power line. Gale-force winds with estimated peak speeds of around 200 km/h brought down four support masts on the 2315-meter-high Albulapass. Meteotest has analyzed the incident.

Meteotest AG May 9, 2022

More accurate photovoltaic forecasts

The higher the percentage of solar power, the more important it is to have a high quality production forecast. Meteotest provides a simple interface to accurate irradiation and production forecasts for Switzerland and worldwide.

Meteotest AG May 5, 2022
Know-How / Tutorial

Inexpensive electricity thanks to photovoltaic curtailment

A new research project shows how a renewable energy system in Switzerland works optimally. The cheapest solution is one in which 10-15% of the massively expanded PV production is curtailed.

Rauscher & Stoecklin AG April 29, 2022
Product & Solutions

High current connectors to the world’s largest offshore wind farm

R&S Rauscher & Stoecklin 400 connectors to Dogger Bank Wind Farm (currently under construction). Dogger Bank, located more than 130 km off the north-east coast of England, will be the world’s largest offshore wind farm when complete, capable of powering up to 6 million UK homes (5% of the UK’s deman

Grimsel Hydro April 19, 2022
Know-How / Tutorial

Den Seeforellen auf der Spur

In ökologischer Hinsicht besteht bei der Stromproduktion ein Interessenskonflikt zwischen dem Klimaschutz und dem Naturschutz. Forschung und Massnahmen zugunsten der Seeforelle in von Wasserkraft genutzten Fliessgewässern stehen deshalb im Interesse einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung.

Eaton Industries II GmbH April 14, 2022
Product & Solutions

Now is the time to go SF₆-free

Emissions of SF₆ gas from medium voltage switchgear contribute significantly to the threat of the greenhouse effect and related climate change. Eaton's SF₆-free switchgear is environmentally friendly and reduces the total cost of ownership for your business.

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