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Powertage June 9, 2022

Electrosuisse trade forum quantified solutions with interconnected energy systems

The Electrosuisse trade forum utilised the second day of the trade fair to highlight important solutions to strengthen the security of energy supply that has almost been taken for granted up to this point.

Powertage June 9, 2022

VSE trade forum focused on efficiency and specialists

The VSE trade forum, held on May 17, highlighted the key issues relating to securing future power supply: Nadine Brauchli (VSE), Benoît Revaz (BFE), Gian von Planta (SWL) and Jörg Wild (Energie 360°) discussed paramount measures that must be taken to ensure future security of supply.

Powertage June 9, 2022

The meeting point of the Swiss electricity and energy industry concludes with great results

This year’s Powertage, one of over 30 events hosted by the MCH Group, which was last held as a live event in 2018, focused on sustainable energy supply.

Girsberger Informatik AG May 16, 2022

SILOVEDA Asset Portal

Managing assets such as transformer stations, lighting, grids and other elements by means of control plans and repair orders is an important task of this portal. By connecting the assets with real measurement and forecast data, data-supported decision-making bases are created.

Aartesys AG May 13, 2022

Energieversorgung Büren EVB

The remote reading of energy meters is undoubtedly one of the core applications of the EasyGateways® from Aartesys. But the fact that it can be used for much more is demonstrated by a growing system in the tranquil Bernese town of Büren an der Aare.

aliunid May 13, 2022
Product & Solutions

aliunid revolutionizes the electricity supply

Obtain renewable electricity from local or regional Swiss sources at any time - transparently and in real time. This is the new way of power supply enabled by the technology of aliunid.

Girsberger Informatik AG May 13, 2022
Product & Solutions

SILOVEDA Web and Energy Portal

The SILOVEDA web and energy portal is built with modular widgets and thus meets customer-specific requirements in the simplest way. It supports responsive display for web browser, tablet and smartphone

Meteotest AG May 10, 2022
Know-How / Tutorial

Storm Analysis Mast Fall Albulapass

On October 29, 2018, the Vaia storm caused damage to the 380 kV Pradella - Sils im Domleschg power line. Gale-force winds with estimated peak speeds of around 200 km/h brought down four support masts on the 2315-meter-high Albulapass. Meteotest has analyzed the incident.

Meteotest AG May 9, 2022

More accurate photovoltaic forecasts

The higher the percentage of solar power, the more important it is to have a high quality production forecast. Meteotest provides a simple interface to accurate irradiation and production forecasts for Switzerland and worldwide.

Sunrise GmbH May 9, 2022

IoT is an innovation booster for the energy industry

Swiss energy providers are facing the major task of replacing their analog meters. As an important component of smart grids, smart meters enable completely new business models - from which new players will also benefit. It is therefore worthwhile to invest now in IoT-based services.

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