Meteotest AG

Short description

Weather and climate are becoming increasingly relevant for the energy industry. Meteotest provides you with forecasts, modeling, analyses and expertise in the areas of severe weather, solar, wind and icing.


  • O Digitization, Internet of Things
  • O Energy efficiency
  • O Energy services

About us

Meteotest is a leading company in the fields of weather, climate, environment and information technology. We are characterized by a high level of customer orientation, expertise and technical competence.

Meteotest was founded 40 years ago - the same year that IBM released the personal computer. This milestone in computer science made it possible to develop and sell services and products in the fields of weather, climate and environmental data as a private company in the first place. To this day, Meteotest has remained true to this digital business model: The digital collection, dissemination, analysis, presentation, and interpretation of weather, environmental, and energy data form the basis of our services. 

Our team consists of almost 40 scientists, engineers and computer scientists. We process orders from private and public companies and agencies in Switzerland and abroad.