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Girsberger Informatik AG researches and develops high-tech products for the future markets of energy, Big Data, Internet of Things as well as digital intelligence. The «SILOVEDA» energy and measurement data management system is an innovative tool for all energy types and industries.

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Girsberger Informatik AG May 16, 2022

SILOVEDA Asset Portal

Managing assets such as transformer stations, lighting, grids and other elements by means of control plans and repair orders is an important task of this portal. By connecting the assets with real measurement and forecast data, data-supported decision-making bases are created.

Girsberger Informatik AG May 13, 2022
Product & Solutions

SILOVEDA Web and Energy Portal

The SILOVEDA web and energy portal is built with modular widgets and thus meets customer-specific requirements in the simplest way. It supports responsive display for web browser, tablet and smartphone

Girsberger Informatik AG May 9, 2022
Product & Solutions

SILOVEDA Energy Manager

The SILOVEDA Energy Manager module covers energy data management (EDM) and other needs for the Swiss electricity and gas market. Thanks to easy-to-understand operation, the Girsberger system is equally suitable for regional and municipal utilities.

Girsberger Informatik AG May 5, 2022
Product & Solutions

Forecasting Tools for Energy and Efficiency

Predictions of energy flows, consumption and production are becoming increasingly important. Future requirements and expectations seem to have no limits. We at Girsberger Informatik AG have more than 15 years of experience with forecasting systems.

Girsberger Informatik AG May 2, 2022

Energy systems in transition

The further development of markets and power grids are influenced by various factors. The transformation of energy systems, the change in European and national regulations, the increase in efficiency and digitalization are decisive benchmarks.

Girsberger Informatik AG May 2, 2022
Product & Solutions

Energy efficiency thanks to modularity

Every day, your measurement devices and plants collect thousands of measurement data, events and master data. Successful process integration of different topics to gain new insights in the field of energy efficiency requires a flexible, easy-to-use and modular data warehouse.


  • O Digitization, Internet of Things
  • O Smart grid, smart metering
  • O Energy efficiency
  • O Management of energy and measurement data
  • O Electricity trading and sales
  • O Energy services

About us

Girsberger Informatik AG helps Swiss companies with high, grid-based energy turnover to become more efficient. In the spirit of today and looking ahead to tomorrow, it implements highly flexible software systems for measurement data management and thus strives for a clear improvement in efficiency in the areas of energy, resources and costs. As the market leader for complex measurement data management projects and reliable energy forecasts, our unique «SILOVEDA» combines not only a top product, but also a top service.