Short description

CLEMAP is specialized in the metering and evaluation of energy data through their proprietary IoT Edge Device and Cloud solution. Important fields of application are the dynamic charging of EV, energy monitoring of industrial applications and flexibility management in decentralized energy grids.

About us

Founded in 2017, CLEMAP pursues the vision of a world where people, devices, buildings and industries understand their energy flows and work towards sustainable energy use. As a partner, the company assists system integrators, electrical contractors, and industrial consumers in using energy efficiently. At the core of this is a scalable end-to-end energy platform, which can be used in a highly modular way. Thanks to its own sensors and the CLEMAP Floem customer portal, it is possible to measure, analyze and optimize energy consumption with minimal installation effort and low costs. Among the most in-demand solutions at present is CLEMAP Load Management, a manufacturer-independent, dynamic load management system for electric cars that monitors and controls power consumption in real time. Likewise, CLEMAP Energy Monitor, an intelligent, non-invasive power monitoring solution that can be installed without interrupting operations, immediately provides a better understanding of energy consumption and identifies optimization potential. In addition to standardized plug-and-play products, the company also offers customized solutions in the area of flexibility, energy measurement and control. CLEMAP has the answer to the increasing challenge of managing and controlling the flexibilities of different energy producers and consumers in a network.