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Reach your target group 365 days a year and gain new customers

Stay up-to-date 365 days a year on topics from the Swiss electricity and energy industry

The Powertage Hub is a digital content platform for experts from the Swiss electricity and energy industry. It summarizes relevant industry topics and presents these to trade professionals 365 days a year based on their interest.

You contribute by publishing articles (product news, expertise, videos, events etc.) and thereby reach users on the personalized homepage of various topic pages and via the personalized “Industry News” feed. 


Premium 365-day visibility

Who is it suitable for?
You have a blog, a Youtube channel or a regular newsletter and want more reach for your content.

We publish 6 articles per year on the Powertage Hub from your blog, Youtube channel, newsletter or other online channels. You can view each article one week before publication. All articles are sent to users via personalized newsletters.

CHF 1,900 per year 
(for exhibitors and booking before the fair)
CHF 2,500 per year
(for non-exhibitors or if booked after the fair)

The offer is valid for 1 year from the date of booking.

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You will learn how to create a successful contribution in our webinar, which took place on 15.03.2022.