Powertage Hub for providers

Reach your target group 365 days a year and gain new customers

On the Powertage Hub, you have the opportunity to reach experts and thus also potential customers from the Swiss electricity and energy industry based on their interests - 365 days a year.

In the form of different contributions (text, image and video contributions), you communicate your product innovations, your solutions and applications, your expertise or your events on the Powertage Hub. Your content reaches professionals on the personalized start page, on various topic pages and via the personalized newsletter. You thus gain an attractive reach and potential customers - as a supplement to the live trade fair.


Premium 365-day visibility

Who is suitable for?

You have a blog, a Youtube channel or a regular newsletter and want more reach for your content.


We publish 6 articles per year on the Powertage Hub from your blog, Youtube channel, newsletter or other online channels. You can view each article one week before publication. All articles are sent to users via personalized newsletters.

CHF 2'500 per year

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Who is suitable for?

You think the offer does not fit for you? Contact us and we will find an individual solution.

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