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Underfloor distributor for a modern marketplace design

Many communities are redesigning their market and fairgrounds, as well as inner-city areas worthy of protection, into urban meeting zones. In order to ensure the energy supply at the meeting place, distribution systems for electricity, water that are harmonious with the cityscape are required.

The underfloor distributors are installed invisibly under the surface and are well protected against vandalism and damage. Fast and easy access for the authorized group of people is guaranteed.

The compact small distributors EK 410 and EK 510

The new satellite small distributors combine innovative and tried-and-tested properties in a compact space. The proven flood-proof diving hood principle protects the technology from flooding, e.g. B. by heavy rain.

The small distributor brings the energy exactly to where it is needed. The manhole covers range from glass-fibre reinforced polycarbonate to paveable covers with a load class of up to 12.5 tons. Modular basic kits enable numerous shaft heights. The low standard construction height supports low coverings in the ground.

The versatile underfloor distributors EK 600 and EK 800

Polycarbonate (PC) optimized for shaft construction with patented 3D ribFrame® technology gives the shaft body the required stability under lateral pressure loads, which can occur when heavy vehicles drive over it.

The underfloor distributors EK 600 and EK 800, consisting of a shaft body and a stainless steel cover that can be paved, together with a removable immersion hood, form a perfectly fitting unit.

Crane eyes are attached to the body so that it can be placed in the excavation pit as a whole. High-quality polycarbonate offers demonstrably better compatibility than other materials at high temperatures, chemical influences as well as UV and weather influences.

Different standard versions cover a wide range of applications. However, the modular socket combinations in the underfloor distributors EK 600 and EK 800 can also be fitted individually according to customer-specific requirements. In any case, the built-in technology is protected from flooding in the diving hood.

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