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SMARTCOLLECT® SC² combines digital measurement data management and SCADA. Unlike the usual less visually appealing SCADA software systems, SmartCollect®SC² is built on an ultra-modern platform with a web-based 2D/3D graphical user interface. Learn more in the video.

SMARTCOLLECT® SC² is a scalable HMI/SCADA software for the visualization of electrical distribution and other physical parameters. Unlike the usual visually unappealing SCADA software systems, SMARTCOLLECT® SC² is built on a new ultra-modern platform. This is by means of a web-based 2D/3D graphical user interface. In addition to the high user-friendliness of SMARTCOLLECT® SC², the system offers powerful communication and software interfaces as well as flexible expansion options.


  •  Interactive single line chart
  •  Flexible dashboards
  •  Event and alert notifications
  •  Integration of numerous devices from different manufacturers
  •  WebGUI integration of measuring devices
  •  Energy Monitoring System (EMS)
  •  Sophisticated zoom function
  •  Interactive 2D/3D views
  •  Flexible data communication
  •  Secure web browser-based system

Fields of application

The software can be found in applications of energy distribution as well as in industrial and commercial infrastructures. Thus it is an all-rounder for many areas, whereby the respective measuring unit is taken into account. One look at SMARTCOLLECT® SC² is enough and you will be impressed.