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Non-invasive electricity metering, for cost control of their consumers

The CLEMAP Energy Monitor is used to fully monitor and control electricity consumption in SMEs or large projects. It is installed in control cabinets or distribution boxes and acts as a decentralized measuring point.

The CLEMAP Energy Monitor serves as a basis for detailed energy analyses to increase energy efficiency and condition monitoring.

The product consists of an electrical 3-phase meter and three current transformers. The voltage is sampled after a protective fuse and the current is measured by means of current transformers.

In order to be able to transmit the energy data (high-resolution voltage, current, active and reactive power), the CLEMAP Energy Monitor requires an Internet connection. This connection can be established via wireless or via a LAN network. As soon as the connection is established, the sensor connects to the CLEMAP Cloud, where all consumption data is prepared in detail and clearly in a modern customer portal.

The CLEMAP Floem customer portal displays the data measured by the CLEMAP Energy Monitor in real time. Extended information and statistical evaluations are possible via the CLEMAP Floem service platform. Customized monthly reports can be implemented upon request.

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