Product & Solutions Powertage 2022

Improve grid security with simulations

Grid components have to meet various standards in terms of safety. Whether they do, is often known only after testing in the laboratory. With the help of simulations, such analyses can be carried out safely in a virtual environment even before the first production.

Application examples

The electromagnetic field in the vicinity of a high-voltage line can be precisely calculated before the actual construction. On one hand, this allows safety aspects to be taken into account at an early stage of planning, and on the other hand, corrections to the line layout can be efficiently avoided at a later stage.

When designing high-voltage cables, electrothermal simulations can help to prevent damage due to overheating. This can be realized, for example, by choosing the right insulation material or by considering appropriate cooling, estimated by simulations.

Insulators must withstand high field strengths and corona discharges. Whether they do so can also be estimated quickly and easily with the help of simulation.

These examples are representative of a large number of possible applications of COMSOL Multiphysics® for the analysis of your network components. Further examples like the lightning protection analysis of wind turbines or optimization of a circuit breaker can be read in our magazine: COMSOL NEWS - Special Edition Power.