Energy systems in transition

The further development of markets and power grids are influenced by various factors. The transformation of energy systems, the change in European and national regulations, the increase in efficiency and digitalization are decisive benchmarks.

SILOVEDA® for system services
The national grid company Swissgrid ensures secure grid operation in Switzerland. In doing so, it makes a decisive contribution to security of supply. This goal is achieved by balancing consumption and production. The control reserves required for this are part of the system services and are procured by Swissgrid on a market-based and cost-efficient basis.

In order to ensure security of supply in the future, solid and, above all, far-sighted planning is required. In a first step, the increase in automation and the connection with the European market have already been realized. For this purpose, the communication platform "Energy Communication Platform" ECP for the integrated market (IM) was introduced in spring 2020. The simplified processes of the IM formed an important milestone for the further development of the balancing energy market.

With the SILOVEDA® System Services module, Girsberger Informatik AG is at the forefront and supports data exchange with the Swissgrid platform via ECP, which helps to achieve short response times. The SILOVEDA® System Services module is used for the integrated market, TERRE, MARI and PICASSO.