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Energy efficiency thanks to modularity

Every day, your measurement devices and plants collect thousands of measurement data, events and master data. Successful process integration of different topics to gain new insights in the field of energy efficiency requires a flexible, easy-to-use and modular data warehouse.

The modular data warehouse SILOVEDA®
The standard system SILOVEDA® from Girsberger Informatik AG is a scalable energy and measurement data management system and is in continuous operation at many customers 7 x 24 hours. The extremely powerful data warehouse is used as an automatable data hub for any and countless applications of measurement data or time series processing. For electricity, gas, water and district heating suppliers, for waste treatment, for industry and buildings, for emission measurement data as well as for environmental reports, SILOVEDA® is in use with high availability. 

With its modules, SILOVEDA® performs a wide variety of tasks and functions for energy and measurement data management. The basic module SILOVEDA® Measurement Data Management is responsible for saving and editing time series, for the calculation sheet including the calculation functions, ad-hoc evaluations, plausibility checks, substitute value formation, manual recording, historization and traceability of master data and measurement data, events and is multi-client capable and multilingual.