Digitisation from mast to monitor

Asset maintenance is cost-intensive. Transfer your network assets automatically into the digital world without supply interruptions. The subsequent location-independent visual inspection helps with efficient planning and execution of maintenance for a stable and optimised energy supply.

Automated flight patterns

The facilities are approached in a standardised manner and recorded with high-resolution cameras. Each facility has the same recordings and the flight pattern is available for further inspections. The recording location and camera angle are identical - for long-term recording of changes in condition.

Intelligent analysis

With the help of artificial intelligence and the quality checks of our experts, all damage to concrete and lattice towers is detected and noted. Based on the damage, renovations are planned and investments are qualified.

Virtual inspection

The software module from Insights as a Service, a modular and expandable web application, enables efficient management of the image data and links the information on the installations with their conditions.

Virtual Inspection provides an overall view of the inspections carried out, offers condition and damage analysis and enables a detailed view with zoom function.