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Charging solutions for everyone and every place

Our charging columns make it easier for you to enter the world of electromobility. Quick installation, simple configuration and leading technology. With our charging solutions, you start the future with electromobility - for everyone and at every location.

The demands on charging stations are constantly growing. Therefore, it is essential to purchase a station that can always be updated. Our stations have the option of carrying out updates free of charge using the installed CC613 controller.

In this way, we can ensure that the charging infrastructure for e-vehicles is always up to date.

The Dynamic Load Management (DLM) function is already included in the delivery and can be put into operation with just a few components.


The LS4 charging pole was specially developed for use in public and semi-public areas. The stable aluminium charging pole with 360° all-round LED charging status display as well as lighting for an advertising space at the front has 2 charging sockets (charging points) of type 2 at the side with an output of up to 2 x 22 kW. Modern communication modules (LAN, RFID, 4G ...), interfaces according to international standards and OCPP protocols offer a simple and problem-free connection to backend systems for communities, monitoring and billing solutions. This predestines the LS4 for the public and semi-public sector. All columns are delivered from the factory ready for connection, including all necessary safety devices. They can be installed very quickly and easily.

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